How to Use NetBaseQuid Social Listening to Generate Leads and Solve Problems

How to Use NetBaseQuid Social Listening to Generate Leads and Solve Problems

Social listening is a monitoring process that uncovers and analyzes what’s being said about your brand, product, or company online. It’s a valuable practice for staying on top of potential problems and opportunities. It allows you to uncover new audiences, track competitors, monitor trends and keep tabs on critical influencers.


Why is social listening essential?

It is essential for several reasons. First, it allows you to track conversations about your brand, product, or company to discover what people are saying. Second, it sheds light on whether the discussion is positive or negative. This allows you to respond quickly to any issues or concerns or take advantage of any opportunities. It also allows you to find new audiences. You can track who is engaging with your brand, where they’re located, what they’re interested in, and how they’re engaging with your brand.


How to use social listening effectively

It should form a vital part of any social media strategy with its wide-reaching benefits. Like any marketing strategy, it’s crucial to use it effectively to get the most out of it. Below are some of the practices for using this listening to its full potential:

Find the proper social media channels. Not all social media platforms are created similarly.

Decide which posts to track. When setting up your listening campaign, decide which posts you want to follow. This could be everything, or you could choose to keep a closer eye on specific posts. You could save a closer look at posts that mention your company name, posts where your company is tagged in a comment, posts that mention your product or service, and posts that your customers write.

Decide how you’re going to track the conversation. Before you start monitoring, decide how you will follow the discussion. There are two options here. You can do this manually or use social media monitoring software. If you’re going to do it manually, you’ll need to set time aside each day to go through the feeds of each channel and create a report.


Track the sentiment of your brand or product

The best way to track the sentiment of your brand or product is to create a listening report that captures mentions of your brand name, product or service, location, and any other relevant terms. Then, use sentiment, location, and engagement filters to hone in on what’s being said. You can use this information to determine the overall view of the posts about your brand. You can also identify posts that could be potential problems. If you have an exceptionally high number of posts mentioning a specific issue, you might want to investigate further. This information will also help you identify which audiences engage with your brand.


Track keywords and topics for ad campaigns

Another method to use the listening is to track keywords and topics related to your ad campaigns. This allows you to monitor competitors’ ad campaigns, including their keywords and topics. It will also let you see how successful your campaigns are. This information can determine which ad campaigns are most effective and which ones aren’t pulling their weight. You can track keywords and topics by creating a listening report. You can then use the filtering tools to hone in on the relevant posts to your ad campaigns.


Monitor competitor activity

Monitoring your competitors’ social media accounts is an excellent way to keep tabs on what they’re doing. You can use this listening to keep track of their posts, interactions with customers, and potential new leads, events, and press coverage. You can monitor your competitors’ social accounts using a listening report.


NetBaseQuid platform

NetBaseQuid is a social listening platform that allows you to easily monitor and analyze what’s being said across the social web, blogs, and news sites. It will enable you to track your brand, products, and competitors easily, and it provides healpful insights into what consumers are saying about your business. It also allows you to track keywords for ad campaigns and topics and trends for your editorial calendar. And you can track your brand sentiment to identify potential problems or gaps. This listening is a handy tool that’s an essential part of any social media strategy.



Social listening is among the essential social media marketing tactics. It allows you to be on top of what’s being said about your brand, product, or company online. Whether it’s a negative or positive comment, you can use this listening to stay informed and take action where necessary. It’s essential to use it effectively to get the most out of it. That means finding the proper social media channels, tracking the sentiment of your brand or product, tracking keywords and topics for ad campaigns, and monitoring competitor activity.

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